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When someone is looking for a new tax preparation firm there is always a degree of uncertainty. They are venturing into the unknown. The first thing that they want to find out is whether this firm is capable of handling the type of tax problems that they normally have. Rex Crandell has personally prepared thousands of tax returns, and he feels that he is well qualified to handle most tax problems. If there is a tax problem that he does not feel qualified in handling, he will let you know and refer you to a law firm that can handle the situation. This would be rare. Normally he handles most every type of tax problem that anyone could imagine and some that they did not even know existed. He has been doing tax preparation since 1976, so he has solved more than his share of tax problems on a daily basis.

We are often asked: Will the person that I initially talk to in your firm pass me off to another person in the firm that I did not select? With our firm that would be hard to do since Rex Crandell does all of the income tax interviews and oversees the processing of every tax return that goes through the office. Rex Crandell personally signs every tax return that we process. In short, the Rex Crandell firm is a small professional services provider business, and each client is important to us. We work with our clients as friends on a first-name basis.

What do we charge for tax preparation? This is a commonly-asked question. Our fees are based on the time required by the staff members assigned to the engagement, plus out-of-pocket costs (including computer processing charges), according to our minimum fee schedule that is printed at the beginning of each year.

Will we help you pay the lowest tax that is legally possible? Yes. We do our best to help our clients lower their taxes. If a question arises interpreting tax law, and a conflict exists between taxing authorities’ interpretation of the law and other supportable positions, we will use our professional judgment in resolving these issues. Whenever possible, Rex Crandell will resolve the issues in your favor.

We are not looking for the one-time client or the one-time project. For each client that we serve for the first time, it is our intention to build a lasting professional relationship that will last for the next ten to fifteen years or more. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for us to work for the adult children of our clients.

We hope this memo answers many of the questions that you may have about our firm. We look forward to working with you and solving your technical processing needs. Thank you for contacting the Rex Crandell Firm.

Very truly yours,
Rex L. Crandell and Staff

Rex L. Crandell Firm      

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