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RLC_door_10-01.jpg (201281 bytes)When you are looking for an accounting firm there is always a degree of uncertainty. You are venturing into the unknown. The first thing that you want to find out is whether our firm is capable of handling the type of tax, accounting, and business consulting problems that you normally have. I have personally prepared hundreds of financial statements, and feel that I am well-qualified to handle most accounting and tax problems. Normally I work on almost every type of business situation that you could imagine and some that you may not even know existed. I have been doing accounting and tax preparation since 1976, so I have solved more than my share of tax and accounting tax problems on a daily basis.

We are often asked: Does your firm handle only big businesses and will it have no interest in my small company’s business problems? Most of this firm’s business clients are small or mid-sized businesses. We normally do not provide services to major corporations. Our staff is involved in your business matters on a personal level. I work personally and oversee every business project that we process through the office. I personally sign every financial statement and tax return that we process. In short, the Rex Crandell Firm is a small professional services firm, and each client is important to us. We work with our clients as friends on a first-name basis.

What do we charge for tax preparation? This is a commonly asked question. Our fees are based on the time required by the staff members assigned to the engagement, plus out-of-pocket costs (including computer processing charges), according to our minimum fee schedule that is printed at the beginning of each year.

Will we help you pay the lowest tax that is legally possible? Yes. We do our best to help our clients lower their taxes. If a question arises interpreting tax law, and a conflict exists between taxing authorities’ interpretation of the law and other supportable positions, we will use our professional judgment in resolving these issues. Whenever possible, the issues will be resolved in your favor.

We are not looking for the one-time client or the one-time project. For each client that we serve for the first time, it is our intention to build a lasting professional relationship that will last for the next ten to fifteen years or more. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for us to work for the adult children of our clients.

I hope this memo answers many of the questions that you may have about our firm. I look forward to working with you and solving your technical processing needs. Thank you for calling Rex Crandell Firm.

Very truly yours,

Rex L. Crandell

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