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AUTO EXPENSE FORM Use this form to document your business mileage each year. It can also be used as an attachment for your tax returns.
CLIENT INFO SHEET  PAGE 1 OF 2 Client information is used during tax preparation and in the accounting office to contact clients.
CLIENT INFO SHEET PAGE 2 OF 2 Client Info Sheet page 2 is also known as our Standard Engagement Letter for tax services.  It filled out each year by all tax clients.  It clarifies the accountant & client relationship and is a yearly formality.
 AUDIT INSURANCE FORM - FOR TAX RETURNS  A firm service of offering prepaid audit services.
 Checklist of Things to Bring - Individuals  An organizing form to assist in remembering relevant documents. 
 Starting a Business - Checklist  Ideas to assist in planning a new business opportunity.
 Freedom of Information Act Request Form  To request a taxpayer's government file information. 
 IRS Economic Stimulus Refund Payment  A report on the 2008 extra refund program for individuals.
 Personal Liability Under California Defaulted Residential Mortgage.  Background report on the statutory structure relating to foreclosures of real property.
 Asset Acquisition or Disposition Form for Business Owners.  A form to assist in gathering tax data related to business fixed assets used in a trade or business. 
 Street Map to our Walnut Creek Office  Assistance with locating our office for your appointment.
 Miscellaneous Questions for Individual Tax Data gathering.  A form to alert you to potential additional issues that we will need to cover at your appointment.
 Auto Used in Business Mileage & Costs Method Organization Form.  To assist business owners to obtain the maximum auto expense deduction possible for the percentage that the vehicle is actually used for business purposes and not for commuting. 

 Business Deduction Sample Categories to Classify Expenses for the entire year. 

 A form to help business owners see many of the common business expense categories used on business income tax returns.  The form is useful in classifying expenses by groups because it is not acceptable to lump all expenses together in one category and claim any business deduction.  Personal & non-directly related expenses should be noted on the form for appropriate allocation so that only the business component of the disbursement is deducted as an expense. 
        Credit Card Payment Coupon.  A form for you to print so that you can mail or fax your payment for our services rendered on your projects.  The form is optional because we also accept checks and on rare occasions cash.  But we do not encourage cash transactions.

 Business Auto Mileage Form
 "Vehicle Summary"

 For indicating the business mileage and personal mileage driven for a business owner during the year. This form does not include the actual costs spent during the year because of the focus on the Standard Mileage Method for expensing the business use of a vehicle.


To assist in understanding the unique vocabulary used in the estate planning process. 


 A glossary of Spanish and English words used in tax and related subjects.  The IRS and State Franchise Tax Board both have Spanish Language Assistance Programs to assist tax filers that prefer to use the Spanish language instead of English.

Elder Financial Abuse Laws

 Several California Statutes that the legislature intended to reduce Elder Financial Abuse. To protect our frail Senior Citizens from those that would take advantage or cause harm to those who may not be in a position to protect themselves. In addition to being a crime, there are several private or civil actions that can be utilized to protect Senior Citizens.  The law allows attorney's fees to be collected from the person causing the Elder Abuse.

 Elder Abuse Definitions

 These definitions of various forms of Elder Abuse are cross-referenced to the California Penal Code.

 International Conversion Tables

 To convert units of measure from one system to another.  Convert American Standard to Metric in a variety of contexts. 
Rex Crandell's "Bicycle Entire California Coast" travel log, story & images.   Outside Activities, Fitness & Entertainment Story.
     The Minimum Fee Schedule for Tax Services indicating both methods of calculation [by form and hour].